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The Pharmacy of Agriculture
Tolnagro Animal Health Ltd, by its current name Tolnagro Group which started as a family business, was established in Szekszárd in 1996 by the merger of two successful distributors of veterinary medicinal products in the South-Transdanubia region, Tolnavet Ltd (1994) and Agrovet Ltd (1991).

Our primary goal was to create a partner focused company that is accessible to everyone, combined with the high quality standard expertise of Hungarian veterinarians. The message of Tolnagro Group to everyone is our commitment to reliability, speed and innovative solutions. We believe that we are primarily professionals, and our involvement in commerce is secondary to this. We wish to convey this message to our clients.
Our goal is for our customers to find someone they can depend on when they get to know us. So we will be the first they turn to when any kind of animal health problem arises.
If it is important to you to receive professional assistance and precision services, you can confidently turn to us, Tolnagro Group is here to help you.
The official residence of the company is in Szekszárd, one of the best locations in the South-Transdanubium region. This assures quick and easy delivery to any destination in Hungary from our center.
Total warehouse capacity stands at 13 000 m2, with 425 m2 of cool storage area, which enables the distribution of cold-chain products such as vaccines, diagnostics, vitamins, etc. Our warehouse provides 3-pallet rack storage and a full range of handling equipment. 
Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours, transported by 27 trucks completing 65 delivery rounds every week, by post or by couriers. In urgent cases our contractual partners have resort to emergency shipment within 8 hours; the service is available on weekends as well.   
Our newest development is the construction of a 2000 m2 warehouse, a partly two-storey building with a commissioning area and 300 square meters of expediting area beside 800 square meters of pallet storaging capacity.
60 Tolnagro costumer service employees provide quick and efficient services ensuring personal communication.
The total number of employees is 380. Our company focuses on regular personal communication and informing our present and future clients. We all appreciate the help of a “good friend” when experiencing difficulties: Tolnagro dedicates more than 60 employees to costumer care.

Faithfully to our commitment, the satisfaction of clients comes first at our company, as well as continuous and comprehensive information to our partners regarding the latest events, news and changes, since we know best how essential a reliable partner is in business, especially if it is about veterinary medicine and the health of our pets. Exactly for this reason Tolnagro Group places great emphasis on the establishment of full and uninterrupted communication with our current and future partners.

30 regularly trained representatives work throughout the country to provide you with the latest information. Our 30 employees visit the partners regularly to provide them with the latest information or assist them in solving their everyday problems. We are striving to find the best solution for everyone!